What is Mitto?

Mitto is a safe and secure online password manager. Our free Internet password storage service lets you add the passwords to all of your favorite sites in one place then logs you in to each one of them by simply clicking a button. No need to remember or retype your passwords anymore! You can access your passwords securely from any computer, organize them with tags, securely share them with trusted friends and more.  Mitto’s password organizer is easy, secure, and it’s just what you need to keep your online life organized without wasting your valuable time.

Mitto (from Latin) means "to send" and at Mitto we send our users to their password-protected sites and allow them to enter without the burden of needing to remember and retype their login information. This allows them to work faster and smarter, and with the security of knowing that their important information is being safely stored and out of the hands of hackers.

We encourage you to take a tour and learn how Mitto can provide you with password protection while increasing your online productivity through our one-of-a-kind password organizer. We think you’ll be amazed at how you ever managed your online passwords before Mitto came into your life.