Online Password Manager makes is easy to keep your passwords secure and private – if you want to be the only person who knows the log-in information for your most-visited personal and business sites, we’ll make sure it stays that way. But what if you have sites that you want to share with business associates? Or how about if you want your friends and family to be able to see the pictures from your latest vacation that you have posted to a password-protected site?’s online password manager can help you solve this problem. You can decide who has access to any or all of your passwords. For example, you can give just the members of your household access to your wireless network information, but only share your banking information with your spouse. There are multiple levels of access that you can create: some people will be able to just view the password and use it, while other people can have the ability to not only use the password but edit it and even share it with other Mitto users. And since it’s free password software, it’s easy for anyone to use anywhere they are – all they need is Internet access.

It’s a good idea to have multiple passwords and log-ins that you use for different important accounts. This variation makes it more difficult for potential identity thieves to guess your account information. But this also makes it difficult for you to remember all of the different combinations, and can make it almost impossible to share your passwords when needed. Mitto lets you share this information easily and securely. You can now use a password program to generate passwords that take advantage of using letters, numbers and symbols without having to worry about you or someone important forgetting the information with Mitto. Let Mitto’s secure password sharing simplify your life.