Our Service

How Mitto Works 

Simply described, Mitto eliminates the need to remember passwords by logging you into your password protected websites and simulating the same things you would do:

  • It fills in the forms on the login page with the necessary information (i.e. username, password, etc.)
  • Clicks the submit button

Mitto is not affiliated with any sites (unless explicitly stated), but can potentially work with any site that requires a username and a password. If automatic one-click logins are not possible, you are still able to store your credentials, and then use them by utilizing the copy functionality provided by the service. Changing your password in Mitto does not change your password for that site, because Mitto only logs you in. You must go to that site first, change the password and then change it in Mitto.

To see how Mitto can be used, we invite you to take a tour of the Mitto service. 

Key Benefits

The following password management benefits are outlined in our tour:

  • Automatic one-click logins with secure online password storage accessible from anywhere from anywhere
  • Easily add new sites
  • Built in security and anti-phishing features such as security codes sent as text messages to your cell phone, email security phrases, and login history
  • The ability to organize with Tags
  • The ability to securely share your logins and password with trusted friends

In addition to those, some additional benefits of using the best online password manager available include:

  • No need to install, upgrade, and manage software on one or more computers. All upgrades and new features become available to you immediately, without you having to do anything else.
  • No need to synchronize passwords between computers, because when you make changes, they are instantly available from wherever you access your account.
  • No need to perform backups because Mitto servers are constantly backed up for you so that you will never lose your data.