Password Keeper

More and more people are finding out the hard way why secure password storage is so important for keeping themselves safe from Internet predators looking to steal their important information. A recent report from McAfee shows that people who create so-called “malware” designed to infect computers and potentially steal valuable information such as log-ins and passwords are getting more proficient – and clever – at coming up with ways to steal.

The report showed that the use of “Trojans” has jumped more than 400 percent within a one year period. In 2007, about 100,000 Trojans designed to log keystrokes and record passwords were found. In 2008, that number jumped to nearly 400,000, and projections show this trend has no sign of slowing down in future years. can help protect you against this dangerous type of malware. Instead of having to log in every time you use a password, Mitto’s secure password manager gives you one-click access to all of your important information. And as an extra layer of security, any time anyone tries to use your password from an unknown computer, we’ll send a validation message to the cell phone we have on file. This makes it almost impossible for a stranger to get access to your valuable account information. It’s a password keeper that also keeps your privacy.

Gamers, online shoppers and just about everyone who uses the Internet can be a potential target of identity theft. This can be extremely time-consuming, costly and humiliating. Why not do everything you can to protect your private information, such as taking advantage of the secure Internet password storage option provided by Mitto?