Password Manager

Organizing your online passwords without a password saver can be a confusing task. You might decide to keep a yellow legal pad next to your computer filled with all of your important log-in information. Or, you could have them all stored on a word processing document on your computer. Or maybe you’ve just decided to have your computer “automatically” remember your passwords.

But what happens if you lose that paper or delete that file? Or if you are using a different computer and realize you absolutely need to access a certain site to get a very important business or personal file? Or even worse, your hard drive crashes, leaving you no hope for password recovery? The old way of remembering passwords is outdated, and could also leave you vulnerable to having your personal information stolen.

That’s why Mitto’s free password manager makes the most sense. All of your files are stored and backed up securely online on Mitto’s secure servers. This means that you have total control over accessing your online log-in and password information from anywhere you have Internet access. You can share passwords with trusted friends, or restrict access so only you can use your log-in information. With Mitto, you have total control.

This is one of the main advantages of Mitto’s solution versus other password programs. With software-based solutions, you have to install the program on every computer you wish to use, sychronize them, and back them up. This is tedious, and is of no help when you are away from your usual computers. With online password managers like Mitto, all of the information is stored on secure servers, meaning that you never need to worry about remembering your password again.