Password Software

Would using a free online password manager like make your online life easier? No matter who you are, the answer is probably “yes” since there so many benefits from the Mitto solution that almost anyone could gain by using our unique service. But there are some people that absolutely need to check out, because they could see huge benefits by using us.

For example, if you’re a business traveler who is frequently on the road, you often need to access your password protected sites on untrusted computers. By using Mitto and setting up extra security with your cell phon (two factor authentication), you can login without worrying about your passwords being compromised.  You might think that using stand-alone password software would be a great solution. But what if you need to use a different computer to get information quickly? With software based solutions, you would be in trouble, but Mitto gives you instant access without being stuck on one computer.

New computer users such as older people can also benefit from using Mitto. It can be extremely frustrating for a new computer user to create a password for their email or other sites and then forget them. Sometimes this leads to people getting so frustrated that they turn their back on the Internet, missing out on the opportunity to explore and see all the wonderful tools it has to offer. Mitto makes it simple for anyone to log into their most important sites while only needing to remember one password – their password.

Come check out some of the key features that make Mitto the leader in storing passwords online. We feature the latest and most secure online password management tools, giving you comfort in the knowledge that your information is protected.