Remember Passwords

It’s pretty safe to say that writing your passwords on little pieces of paper and putting them on your monitor is a bad idea. But for many people, remembering their passwords any other way is too difficult. You solve this dilemma by storing all of your passwords online through password managers like and getting one-click access to them all through secure online password storage.  After you enter your important log in and password information, it’s stored on our secure servers for you to use whenever you want. This means that instead of having to remember a whole range of passwords in order to get into your favorite sites, you now have to remember just one – your password.

Mitto is a more effective solution because it is Internet based. You might not be able to find free password storage software that works for your work desktop (PC), laptop (MAC) and home computer (Linux), but Mitto can give you access anywhere you have computer access because it is web-based. It really is just that simple.