Secure Password Storage

As your choice for free password storage, we understand just how important security is to you. This is why we take a multi-leveled approach to security that reaches every level of the company. For this reason, we take steps with our site like performing daily testing with McAfee to ensure that there are no security vulnerabilities in our password program that could be exploited by hackers looking to steal your online identity or other people with malicious intent. We use 128-bit or better (depending on your browser) SSL encryption and maintain valid SSL certificates validated by GoDaddy along with having our privacy practices certified by TRUSTe.

But along with network and online security, we also take great steps to make sure that our physical security is strong enough to repeal any potential identity thief looking to break into our secure password storage. All information is stored on our own servers at a secure data center (SAS 70 Type II Certified) that is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week by security cameras and personnel constantly watching over the facility to protect it from any malfeasance. In addition, all servers are stored in locked and inventoried racks with controlled access.

So you can rest assured that your information and secure password sharing is safe on every level when you trust it with Mitto.