Security Features

Only You Can See Your Passwords

Mitto is a secure online password manager that offers strong password protection.  We use security standards approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) for top secret information to store your passwords and sensitive data in an encrypted format. This means only you can see your passwords.

Additionally, all communications go over a secure connection via SSL/TLS.

Adding Extra Security By Using Your Cell Phone

When logging in from a new computer, Mitto uses your cell phone to send you a text message with a code that you need to complete your login. Adding this extra layer of security helps to prevent other people from trying to log in to your account. So even if your password is stolen, without the special code that is sent to your cell phone, login attempts will be unsuccessful.

Guarding You Against Phishing

By using Mitto to automatically log into your accounts, you protect yourself from becoming a victim of phishing. Additionally, by using the email security phrase you setup during your new account setup, Mitto helps you identify real emails from Mitto.

Identifying Suspicious Activity

Often the problem with identity theft and fraud is that you don't catch it in time. With Mitto this is no longer a problem. Mitto keeps a login history so that you can track when you logged in to Mitto, and from where. Also, because keeping track of your logins is so easy, you can now regularly monitor accounts that you might otherwise not check very often.

Early detection is the key, and by noticing any irregular access, you can identify potential issues early and take corrective steps to prevent fraud or identity theft.


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