Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Getting Started FAQs

How Does Mitto Work? 

Simply described, Mitto logs you into your password protected websites by simulating the same things you would do:

  • It fills in the forms on the login page with the necessary information (i.e. username, password, etc.)
  • Clicks the submit button

There is no software to install, and it works on any computer (PC or Mac) with any standards compliant web browser. To see a demo of how Mitto works, take a tour of our features.

How much does Mitto cost?

The Mitto service is free, and will at some point integrate some advertising into the interface. Sometime in the future, we plan to offer a paid service for individuals (with additional features to be determined, and no advertisements) and a business service for companies. However, it is our intention to always offer the basic service for free.

How many passwords and sites can I store? 

There is no limit to the number of sites and passwords you can store in your account.

Can I store other passwords or credentials other than websites?

Yes. You can add any password, code, or other credential easily by following instructions on our online help.

What are the requirements for using Mitto?

All you need to use Mitto is a computer with an Internet connection any any modern standards compliant browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, or Internet Explorer(version 7 or higher). There is nothing to download or install, and signing up for a free account takes less than five minutes.

This means you can use it easily from your your home desktop, your laptop, or your workstation at work all the same easy way. It works great on Macs, PCs running Windows, or Linux.

What Are Others Saying About Mitto?

Check out some reviews and some customer testimonials.

How do I sign up?

You can use the orange "Sign Up" link to the top right corner of the page or click here to sign up.


Security FAQs

Is Mitto secure?

Security and privacy are a top priorities at Mitto. We have taken many steps to secure and protect your sensitive information. Firstly, your information is stored in a way that only YOU can ever see your sensitive data. We use security standards approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) for top secret documents to encrypt your data so that nobody can ever see it. Our site is also certified and scanned daily for vulnerabilities by McAfee, and our privacy practices have been certified by TRUSTe. To learn more about this, you should see our section on Privacy and Security.

Can you see my passwords?

No. We use security standards approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) for top secret information to store your passwords and sensitive data in an encrypted format (1024 bit RSA or 256 bit AES) . This means only you can see your passwords.

What if someone gets my Mitto password?

If someone gets your Mitto password, it doesn't mean they have access to your account. Any time a person tries to log in to your Mitto account from a new computer, in addition to entering a password, they must either enter a unique text message code that is sent to your cell phone, or they must answer an additional security question which you set up when you created your account.  So in short, they always need to have two (2) bits of information. All Mitto users are strongly encouraged to setup extra security with their cell phones.

In addition to the above security measures, we make it easy for you to be responsible and to avoid having your account compromised. First, you only need to remember one strong password to log in to Mitto, so make it a good one. Second, because you don't need to remember any other passwords (because we will for you), make them something other than your Mitto password (you can even bang on your keyboard if you like). By using different passwords for your other services, a breach in another service won't affect your account.

Finally, despite the fact that we employ several strong security measures, some people will not feel comfortable about storing certain sensitive passwords with Mitto. For those people, Mitto is still an extremely valuable and useful service because you can use it to manage your non-sensitive passwords. As mentioned earlier, using the same passwords for sensitive and non-sensitive logins is a bad idea, so use Mitto to create strong separate passwords for each website you use.

What if I forget to log out of Mitto?

The Mitto service is designed to time out after periods of inactivity, but the timeout period varies based on whether you are logged in on a Public or Private (trusted) computer. Public computers are designed to automatically log you out after a short period of inactivity, so if you forget to log out while on a public computer, it will log you off automatically after a short period. Private computers will keep you logged in for longer periods of inactivity, but eventually the service will log you out.

It is highly recommended that you select "Public" computer when logging in with any computer you don't trust.

What is a Public vs Private Computer?

A Private computer is a trsuted computer that you control, while a Public computer is any other computer you use that you do not control (such as in a computer lab or Internet cafe). You choose whether you are logging into a Public or Private computer on the login page, and logging in on Private computers requires you to input more information (i.e. answer another security question, confirm a unique code sent as a text message to your phone, etc.). When you are logged in to a Public computer, your account is restricted from doing certain things such as resetting your password and accessing some of your more sensitive credentials.

What if I forget my Mitto password?

You can reset your Mitto password by visiting the password reset page. For your security, you will first need to enter a security code that will be sent to your email address (you can use any of the email addresses you register with Mitto). After that, you must provide answers to the security questions you set up during the new account creation process.


Managing Passwords and Sites

What websites work with Mitto?

Mitto works with almost any site. We have the most popular sites that are currently searchable, but if your site is not listed, don't worry. You can easily add it to your Mitto account.

How do I add a password for a new site?

There are two ways to add sites within Mitto. You can easily search for the most popular websites and add them with a click of a button. If your site isn't in our list, you can use the Bookmarklet tool to add your site.

If I change my password in Mitto, will it change my website password, and vice/versa? 

Mitto is not affiliated with any sites (unless explicitly stated). Changing your password in Mitto does not change your password for that site, because Mitto only logs you in. You must go to that site first, change the password, then change it in Mitto. In the same way, changing your password on your site does not change your password in Mitto. If you change your password on the site, you must go back and change it in Mitto.

I have a lot of passwords, is there a way to import them quickly?

At the moment, we don't support importing. However, it is something we are actively working on and it will be included in a future release of the service.

How can I export my usernames and passwords?

We are actively working on a feature to allow you to export your usernames and passwords. Like all of our features, we are taking great care in designing this process so that it is secure and protects our users in the greatest way possible.


Mobile FAQs

Is there iPhone, Blackberry, Android or other mobile apps available?

We are planning on building mobile apps to work with the Mitto service so that you can enjoy the benefits of Mitto on your smart phones.

What does adding extra security with your cell phone mean?

By registering your cell phone with Mitto, when you log in to a Public computer or are trying to set up a new Private (trusted) computer, it will send you a one-time text message code that you must enter to continue. This way if anyone ever does get access to your Mitto password, they will need to also have your cell phone to get the one-time code to log in. You may notice that many banks do this as well to protect your accounts.

Our security is always designed in layers so that you always need at least 2 things (password + cell phone code, password + security question, etc.) to gain access to the account. You can access this by going to the “My Account” link when logged in on a Private computer, and then going to the “Security” Tab.

How can I set up extra security in my Mitto account using my cell phone?

We highly recommend that all of our users set up extra security with their cell phones as an added layer of protection for your account. You can view instructions for adding this extra security with your cell phone.

How can I get more help or find more information?

If you are new to the Mitto service, start by taking a tour of the Mitto service. If you want to learn more, you can visit our Online Help or click the Help link from within the Mitto service once you are logged in. If these two places can't help you, you can Contact Us.


Sharing FAQs

What is password sharing?

Sometimes you need to share and manage passwords securely among a group of trusted people, such as your family or colleagues. Mitto allows you to do this in an efficient way so that everyone you want always has the most up-to-date access to common passwords. No need to email, write them down, or make them really easy(insecure).

Read more about the benefits of secure password sharing on our blog.