Mitto is dedicated to providing our customers with the best online password manager possible. This dedication has led us to create features and tools that make it possible to log into any Internet site with just the single click of a button while ensuring the safety and security of our customers’ passwords and private information.

Our customers have responded to our commitment to quality products and services. They’ve let us know just how they appreciate our dedication and hard work, and how much Mitto means to them. These emails, letters and phone messages let us know that we are on the right track as we continue to refine our services to become the best secure password management solution possible, and set us apart from any free password software currently on the market.

Please read some of our testimonials if you are looking at password management software to see how Mitto’s online password storage solution can give you one-click access to your online log-in information no matter where you are. These are real customers talking about how Mitto was able to simplify their lives by making it easy and secure to store their passwords online. We think you’ll agree that Mitto is the password storage solution that makes more people happy than any other option.

There came a point where my participation in the internet would halt as soon as I came across a site that required me to create a log-in name and password. I grew more and more upset as this hurdle in internet evolution became normal practice. Then I found Mitto.com. Now, the thought of constantly churning out usernames, passwords and remembering what site I used what and what site did what, etc no longer drives nails into my spine. Mitto.com brought me back to full internet use. And brought me back to sanity. And for that, I'm greatful.”

Matthew Yazo - San Ramon, CA

Mitto is a great tool that I use everyday at work, at home and when I travel. Being a tech savvy individual, I have tried to create very complex passwords in order to help protect my important information, however it was virtually impossible to remember all the different passwords....until Mitto came along! Now I can store all my login information in one secure location that I can access virtually anywhere!”

— Sevag Hagopian - Phoenix, AZ

Mitto is so helpful... My desk is no longer cluttered with post-its containing all my random passwords and I'm not struggling for hours trying to remember the logins and passwords I've misplaced.”

— Ana - Scottsdale, AZ

Mitto has saved me from the frustration and wasted time I experienced when I couldn't remember the user name/ password combinations for many different websites. And the extra security with the mobile text code gives me comfort in knowing my passwords are secure.”

— Greg G. - San Francisco, CA

I have used other programs for password management before, only to find it difficult if I was away from my main computer. Now with Mitto I can access all my accounts, no matter where I am.”

— Joshua (Ogden Animal Hospital - Ogden, UT)

Mitto ha sido una solución para mi empresa.”

Diego J. Calvo (CEO Metamax)

With Mitto, I'm not afraid of doing work on public computers and never lose track of a site I've registered with. My homepage is app.mitto.com”

— Paul - Chicago, IL

Mitto is a must for every Internet user. The large number of sites that require logins make it imperative that you have a place to store all of them and your passwords. Enter them into Mitto and you no longer have to worry about them. Use tags to organize them. When you are away from your computer, whether it be travelling or hanging out at your friend's house, you have everything there to pick up where you left off. ”

— Paul M. - Los Angeles, CA

Mitto is quite a service. I thought it was only for MY websites and instead it's a password storage place for all the zillion passwords I have around the Internet. Oh my word! What an idea! ”

Vimala - Gold River, CA

I need this! What a god-send.”

Jeffrey Hagedon (@jhagedon)

OMG this is the best site. I am now so much more organized and safer. I use to have post-its all over the place with login information (not too safe). Now I'm all organized and safe. Thank you so much for this service!”

— Tim

Thanks for your good service.”

— Anonymous - France

Love your site - THANK YOU!! Keep adding businesses for the auto log in :-)”

— Leslie - Denver, CO

I love the features of the Mitto interface.”

Ariel S. - Boulder, CO

Love the program, thanks so much for making it free. ”

— Jay D.

Mitto is a free online service that helps you keep your passwords neatly sorted... [Like a virtual key ring!]”

Chris Pirillo - LockerGnome.com

Thanks very much for you excellent service! ”

— Tina J.

Nice app...just what I need!”

Johnny Spence (@freelancerant)

Think of it like AutoComplete for your passwords, but with strong encryption, good security policy, and organisation tools. Don’t worry, the adding process is straightforward and it won’t take you more than 30 seconds for each service.”

Stefan Neagu

This is going to be a nice way to have access to your all your accounts from any computer in order to organize them in many ways. Mitto is very simple and secure at the very same time.”


...use Mitto to securely share passwords with people that you trust.”


This is a free service, and easy to use. It works anywhere and isn’t limited to the user’s main computer.”


...any password storage service had better be serious about security and MITTO obviously gets that...Very thorough”

John Goldsmith (@Cyberjohn07)

"There are some very good password generation and storage service available free of charge such as Mitto..."”

Matthew Humphries - Geek.com

Organize your passwords exactly how you want to, so you know where to find them, and access them anywhere in the world...”


I could not thank you guys enough for such great password manager & best support.”

— Thu T.

I think it's the coolest thing in the world...It has incredible security features built in.”

Rick Hancock - Fox News

Anybody who has troubles managing multiple passwords will find Mitto to be user friendly and extremely helpful. Give this wonderful online password manager a try..”

MOin - smashing apps.com

[Mitto] helps you from burning your precious hands online by cushioning your multiple passwords.”

Tech Toyz (CNN-IBN / CNBC-TV18)

Absolutely amazing..saves my grey cells!”

— Nitro O.

I'm completely blown away by the platform and ease of use. The word perfect comes to mind.”

— Matt K.

Superb Idea ! Excellent website :)”

— Zoheb H.

With Mitto, I'm finally moving everything into the cloud, and I'm able to get rid of my tethers to remembered passwords in my browser. I only need to have the bookmarklet, and that's a snap to install. Mitto Is Awesome”

— Gray Patterson

Love it!”

— Jason E

I love this. I had always sweated about leaving my passwords lying around my house on a piece of paper. That paper has been shredded and I am now a Mitto fan!! Thanks for this cool service.”

— Shorn