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Arsen Ovanessoff

Three Reasons Why Storing Your Password Information Online Through Mitto Makes Sense

Los Angeles, CA, 2009-11-11 —

As the holiday season approaches, people will be traveling around the country to spend time with family and friends. But with more people than ever working remotely, for many people this also means working away from home. This could be on a laptop they take with them or “borrowing” someone else’s computer.
In either case, working while traveling for the holidays can have its own level of problems, and one of the biggest is password management. Being away from your office might mean not having immediate access to the log-in and password information you need to access crucial Web sites for your business, and trying to remember passwords is probably the last thing on your mind.

This is why, a leading provider of Internet password storage and management, encourages people to take advantage of their online-based password solution as opposed to using software-based password managers. Here are just three of the reasons why using an Internet password storage option is the superior choice:

  • Access from anywhere: With Mitto's password saver, all you need is Internet access and a computer to get one-click access to important Internet log-in information. This sort of “cloud computing” frees people from having to be locked into one computer in order to access their valuable information.
  • No need for additional software: If you are using someone else’s computer, installing your own software on their system might not be appreciated. Plus, not all software licenses will allow you to install programs on multiple seats – even if you have the original installation discs.
  • Password security at no cost: Mitto is a free service that gives you secure access to your passwords from any Internet enabled device, and signing up only takes a few minutes. Other password storage software can be cost-prohibitive without offering real additional benefits.

“Instead of being tied to their computers, people need easier access to their personal log-in information,” said Mitto CEO Arsen Ovanessoff. “Whether they are accessing information on their laptops, work desktops, or even someone else’s computer, Mitto offers them the best, easiest and most secure password storage system possible.”

About Founded in 2007 in Los Angeles, CA, is a leading provider of online Internet password management and security. It offers Web users one place to store their important Internet log-in information and securely access it from any computer. Utilizing a multi-layered security approach, including two-factor authentication using your cell phone, offers improved security while letting Web surfers log into their password-protected sites with just one click of the mouse.


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